Balancing and managing homework, especially in today's fast-paced educational environment can be challenging for students. With varying deadlines, subjects, and personal commitments, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and struggle to prioritize tasks effectively. Ora is our QDS 2024 Hackathon project that was developed in under 48 hours, competing with over 300+ students to propose a solution for student health and well-being. Ora offers a revolutionary solution to the problem of homework management by leveraging AI (Artificial Intelligence), it analyzes students' schedules, assignments, and preferences to create personalized task lists and schedules. Ora's intelligent algorithms prioritize tasks based on deadlines and course weight, ensuring that students can efficiently manage their homework workload without feeling overwhelmed.

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Languages & Tech

Next JS, React JS, Open AI, Tailwind, CSS3, Git, GitHub, MongoDB Altlas, Mongoose

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Abhishek Chouhan, Bhavnoor Saroya, Gurnoor Tatla, Mangat Toor, Noufil Saqib


Web Design and Development

Business Development

UI UX Design

Logo Design

AI Model Development

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