The Metropolitan Museum of Art Interactive Booklet​

Project Overview


The purpose of this project was to design a interactive PDF document based booklet regarding The Metropolitan Museum of Art, which is the largest art museum that consists a collection of over 2 million works and majority of them have a deep long history of 5000 years. I designed this booklet using Adobe InDesign to focus on the interactive PDF elements and I would additionally format the booklet for both web and mobile.



In InDesign, I was capable of using a wide variety of interactive tools such as adding external links to a website, internal links as in next page icon or pressing the logo on the left bottom corner to return to the first page, adding videos, and even a contact form which was fairly an intriguing process. With the contact form, I was able to add checkboxes, text input area, dropdown menu to the final version of the project.


This is the final version for the web version of the interactive booklet for The Metropolitan Museum of Art. In the first page, I have a small navigation menu where the user can click one of the 4 menu options which would direct the user to the designated page. Another interactive element that is being used is the footer element that is consistent throughout the booklet which has the logo that would bring the user to the official website of the museum, enter full screen button, and a small navigation button that has buttons to go to next page, previous page, skip to the end, and finally a button to return back to the first page. As for the second page, this is the overview section that has detailed information regarding the museum and its history and additionally has an introduction video sourced from YouTube. The third and fourth page is the collection page that showcases a list of quality artifacts that the museum has stored in their collection. Each artifact is detailed with information regarding its history and its significance. The fifth page is the building area as the museum is section in 3 major departments, I elaborate the purpose it serves for each building and where it would be located. Finally the contact page is the section where the user would ideally purchase their ticket for the museum by filling the form and making a submission.  


This is the final version for the mobile version of the interactive booklet for The Metropolitan Museum of Art. As for content, it does not differ at all from the web version however, the design layout is quite different in comparison. When I was designing the mobile version, I wanted to keep in mind of an user friendly and straightforward journey when the user would be reading through the booklet so I decided, to make some additional changes in the color for text, change sizing for images, background, footer etc. 

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