Sushi Restaurant Menu

Project Overview


The purpose of this project was to create a restaurant menu for a fictional company by using Adobe InDesign and using its features effectively such as master pages, masking, and pen tools etc. I decided to choose a local Japanese family sushi restaurant considering I have a Japanese background I wanted to implement some of the creative aspects that the Japanese restaurant menu’s have that have a simple and clean aesthetic.



Before I began any research I decided to brainstorm some ideas on my sketchbook and write as many ideas down. Some of the concepts I had in my mind include a Mexican Tacos restaurant, Japanese Izukaya restaurant or Chinese dumpling restaurant. Overall I decided to roll with a more standard Japanese sushi restaurant as my company that implements other items like beverages (wine, sake), different type of rolls as well as offer more traditional Japanese food like Udon, Unagi-Don, or Okonomiyaki.


These 6 thumbnails are the visual concepts for what kind of food items I would include for my menu for each of the 6 different traditional restaurants I would pick. Out of these 6 ideas, I really liked the idea of modern French cuisine style dish or Italian pasta restaurant and obviously the Japanese sushi Restaurant. 


As I decided to roll with the Japanese sushi restaurant, I drew 6 graphics based on some food dishes that can be used for my menu. I tried to have some variety as I didn’t want to simply just have the basic sushi rolls but also include, Unagi-sushi, Udon, hot pot, ice cream (green tea) for desert or Japanese sake for beverages etc.


For my first page, the most important page on the menu, I went for a simple but still maintaining that professional aesthetic design. I got my image above from a free source as I wanted to emphasize the theme within the graphic, and for the textual content, I used the font called, “Copperplate” which I felt like it adds more of that crispy aesthetic to the design. For the logo, I wrote the text in Japanese which means “happiness”, “joyful” experience and used the shape tool for majority of the logo behind the text. 

PAGE 2 – 5

For the inner content of the menu which includes pages 2 – 5, I used master pages for the design that maintains that similar design as my first page with my logo on top center of the page. In the middle I have my dishes that are divided in category by pages as listed above beside the logo. 


For my final page of the menu, I have the contact information listed below my logo that includes, the location of the restaurant, the phone number and company owner, business hours along with a thank you message to the customers at the bottom. 

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