Japanese Tourism Newsletter

Project Overview


The main objective of this project was to design a 6-8 pages newsletter using InDesign and testing out new tools text such as paragraph styles, text outline, and curved text path etc. I decided to choose a Japanese tourist attraction for the topic and essentially display some of the places that must be visited when you are planning a trip to Japan. Since I have a Japanese background and I have been to a lot of these areas in Japan, I wanted to put my input and my personal favourite tourist attractions as I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to showcase a little bit of my background here in this project. 



For the first step of this project, I brainstormed various ideas and concepts that can be used for my newsletter. I really liked the idea of having a street / skateboarding style clothing material as my topic as well as showcasing some of the most mysterious space incidents. At the end I decided to roll with the Japanese tourist attraction and shrink it down to 6 different areas that in my opinion are completely worth the visit and paying to see the place.


These 6 thumbnails are the visual concepts of the ideas I wrote down in my brainstorm map as I sketched what kind of images I would be looking for, the style of the newsletter would become and the atmosphere I was looking for.


As I decided to roll with the Japanese tourist attraction concept based newsletter, I sketched out 6 of my personal favourite places that I have visited. In the description I just briefly noted what I would write down for the content on its page for the newsletter such as building structure, history, design etc.


Starting with the first page, the title page of the newsletter, I wanted to go for a visually aesthetic design by first finding the background image from a free source (unsplash.com), then chose my font and colors which include primarily red and white as those are the colors that make up for Japan. I have my title on the top along with the company name on the top, “Travel Guide Universe” and wrote the purpose and company info in white color right below. I design a small table of contents gallery on the bottom where it showcases 6 different tourist attractions that I previously sketched in the roughs thumbnail. I made the top and bottom red border on master pages that will be used consistently throughout my whole newsletter layout. 

PAGE 2 – 7

For my inner content of pages 2 -7 that showcases all 6 different tourist attractions, I follow a similar pattern that stays consistent once again. I have the background image that connects 2 pages when you open the booklet and I placed a black screen as a overlay over the image to turn down the contrast the image to further emphasize the content more. Every single one of these images are used from a free source and serves the purpose to create that Japanese atmosphere that showcases all seasons from the cold winter to the mild summer. For the content area, I discuss about its general description about its history, building structure, and its title it holds for the nation as well some significant details and how would a visitor access to the area. 


For my final page of the newsletter, I chose the Tokyo tower background image as its one of the most notable iconic buildings located in Japan and I present the Canada Post stamp along with my name and other information about myself as the creator of this newsletter.

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