HEX Color Guessing Game

Project Overview


The goal of this project was to create a simple game based around the web development concepts and utilize and present some of my skills into this game. This game’s purpose is to provide a specific HEX coded color and have the user identify the correct one from one of the showcased colors which would depend on the difficulty that the user has selected. Easy mode presents 3, Medium mode presents 6, and Hard mode presents 9 different colored circles that are randomly generated and only one color of the following options that are given would match the HEX code that is stated above. 



These are the 3 major screens where the user would go through the game. Starting with the beginning screen, I have the given HEX code number stated below the title where the user would have to guess which of the following 9 colors matches it correctly. Right below the HEX code, I added an attempts screen where it shows how many attempts it took for a user to guess the correct HEX code. The user also has an option to change the colors and HEX code if they would like something different. Moving on to the second screen which is the mid session screen where the user is attempting to guess the correct color. I made the colored circles to change to a black color to make it easy to distinguish what color was already clicked by the user so there wouldn’t be misclicks during the game. Finally, the ending screen I have all of the colored circles change to the color of the given HEX code when the user clicks on the correct color. The user would then have an option to play again if they would like to by clicking “Play Again?” or change game modes in order to restart the game. 

Beginning Screen of the HEX Color Guessing Game
Beginning Screen
Attempts Screen of the HEX Color Guessing Game
Attempting To Guess Screen
Ending Screen of the HEX Color Guessing Game
Ending Screen
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