Energy Drink Poster

Project Overview


The main focus for this project was to create a 3D model beverage in a marketing poster design, using the 3D effects tool such as bevel & extrude or revolve. This project utilizes a lot of the pen tool which is used to create the logo, mapping material, the poster design and other small aspects to the project. 




The design and shape concept of the 3D beverage was inspired by Monster Energy Drink as I wanted to design a thin and tall stylized can. On the other hand, the marketing poster concept was inspired by this image I found on the internet as my intention was to recreate a hot summer atmosphere.


For the logo I implemented a heartagram for appealing purposes, and combined it with the crown symbolizing the power of becoming a “man” when you take in the Neonoire drink. I used the pen tool for majority of the this portion of the logo as I wanted to get that sharp and smooth curves of the heart and crown on point. Aesthetically, I went for a neon look to give that summer and bright mood by applying the gaussian blur to the path.


The first rendered out version of the container without the logo (left image) was created first by shaping in 2D using rectangular tool and refining it with the pen tool. Eventually I applied the 3D effect to the object which then I was able to add realism to it by adding shadows and lights around the object. For the mapping material design around the 3D can, I made a separate document for it in a landscape layout which then was applied as mapping material in the final version (right image). 


For the poster design I began with the sunset background by applying multiple gradients that would create the summer and warm vibe. I then designed the ocean by first searching for an ocean image on the internet and used the quick selection tool to grab on the wave surface texture and placed it to the poster. The rest of the process was simply applying that similar orange, yellow and red gradient that helped provide to recreate that atmosphere I was aiming for. For the final touches I added the some clouds and sun and applied a lot of blur effect for the realism purposes which in the end turned out great and exceeded my expectations.

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