3D Product & Business Card​

Project Overview


The main focus for this project was to design a business card and 3D model packaging design for a product that is based on a fictitious company. For the company concept I had my classmate act as an potential client to reenact as a real in the real world, and he provided with the specifications which was to “design for a company based on alcohol chocolate that is targeted adult”. 



Before I began any of the design process, I looked into potential competitors in the real world such as Lindt and Purdys Chocolatier and tried to grab an idea from their style of packaging, theme colors, logo design and text fonts etc. Starting off, I came up with 5 different logo sketch ideas and asked my client for his opinion and preference. When I was designing these sketches, I went for many different approaches by going for really complex concepts to standard and simple designs which still had that chocolate elements implemented. 


These are the following colors I decided to roll with excluding white and black. When I was researching its competitors, I noticed how often the purple color was used as its primary color whether its dark or light shading so I decided to stick with the same concept to give it the same feel. For the primary I went for the darker tone on the very left, as I personally felt it resembles the “adult” vibe and added 3 different lighter shadings that can potentially help when designing the business card and logo creation. 



On the right side, I have my final design of the logo for my adult alcohol chocolate company, “Chocoly”. I decided to roll with the 3rd design which turned out exactly the way I wanted. I designed this on Adobe Photoshop using mostly the pen tool as I wanted to keep it as a vector graphic including the text which I later used a text outline. I used the darker (primary) color of the purple for the “C” as well as the curly lines around the middle curly section and used the lightest tone of purple for the middle curly section to give it some contrast along with a stylish font written above it. 


The right image here on the right is the final design of the business card I created once again, using the pen tool as everything on the graphic is vector. I placed my logo on the left side that is layered over a pitch black background which in contrast I have all my contact information for the company that is layered over the white background. I used the “Modern No. 20” font for the text which gives that stylish look which is labeled by the following icons on the left that is also designed using the pen tool.


Finally for the 3D model packaging design for the chocolate product I used the 3D extrusion tool and made the top & bottom of the box 3 x 5 inches,  short side (width) 3 x 1 inches, and the long side (length) 5 x 1 inches long. I made all sides of the box design on a separate Photoshop file that is covered in the brighter tone of purple color. I used 3 -4 different lights to adjust the lighting and mapped the design with a glossy and shiny texture for the surface of the box to give its realistic look. Once I completed the design and set up for the box, I added a slogan, “Every Bite With A Twist” beside it which I also used the 3D extrude for that effect and I also used the lighting and shading to adjust the reflection and appearance. 

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